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Director Dan Hartley's BAFTA winning pro ducting company featuring the multi-award winning feature film Lad: A Yorkshire Story and project in development Black Ice

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Low Budget British feature becomes highest rated IMDB film of all time.

As the London Film Festival celebrates it’s 62 nd year, a sleeper hit featuring a cast of unknowns filmed on a shoestring budget is set to... read more

09.10.2018 • By Rogue Runner Ltd

Yorkshire Indie Takes on Hollywood

North Yorkshire, UK. Thursday August 16th 2018 After receiving 170,000 views on... read more

16.08.2018 • By Rogue Runner Ltd

Lad the Dinosaur Slayer

Whilst Dinosaurs Rule Global Box Office, UK Indie Bites at Home Climbing to number 5 in the iTunes independent chart since its release on... read more

22.06.2015 • By Rogue Runner Ltd

Rogue Director Pens Open Letter to BBC

Fed up with a litany of rejections and stonewalling, writer/director Dan Hartley decided to offer his multi-award winning debut film to the BBC... read more

18.06.2015 • By Rogue Runner Ltd

London premiere of multi-award winning film Lad: A Yorkshire Story

BAFTA, London, Saturday June 20th at 6:30pm – Since opening at the Chicago Film festival, Lad has scooped 21 international film awards in the... read more

15.06.2015 • By Rogue Runner Ltd